Welcome to Allsorts Therapy

Speech Pathology for adults and children in the Port Macquarie area.

Allsorts Therapy provides speech pathology assessment and intervention for 'all sorts' of people, ranging from toddlers to the elderly. Specialising in children's speech and language development and adults communication and swallowing function. Services are predominantly clinic based, with the clinic situated in the Lake Innes area of Port Macquarie.

What is a Speech Pathologist?

Speech Pathologists are Allied Health professionals who specialise in communication and swallowing disorders. They provide expertise in assessing and treating adults and children in the following areas:

  • Speech- the production of speech sounds.

  • Language- understanding and expression.

  • Swallowing- eating and drinking.

  • Voice - production of the sound including volume, continuity and quality.

  • Fluency- continuity, smoothness, rate and effort of speech production (eg stuttering).

Who needs a Speech Pathologist?

A Speech Pathologist can help when there are difficulties with:

  • Speech- producing clear, age appropriate speech sounds and words, unintelligible speech or becoming frustrating when trying to get words out.

  • Literacy/ reading- understanding and producing written language, learning sounds, letters and sounding out letters. Difficulty or avoidance of reading, spelling or writing.

  • Language - following instructions, understanding concepts (ie big/ small, first/last), limited vocabulary, forming sentences, expressing ideas or retaining information.

  • Social skills- interacting and communicating with others.

  • Swallowing- difficulty chewing, swallowing, or finishing meals. Gagging, coughing or choking on food or drinks. Excessive dribbling.

  • Voice- hoarse, nasal or gravely quality, inappropriate pitch or volume or unable to sustain voice.

  • Fluency- repetitions of sounds of words, getting 'stuck' on words, dragging out sounds in words.

For more information on Speech Pathologists www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au

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