I provide assessment and intervention for speech, language and literacy disorders in preschool and and school aged children.

- Information from GP's, specialists, care providers and family/carers.
- Completion of questionnaire prior to initial consultation.
- Formal and informal speech and/or language assessments and reporting.
- Oral Motor Assessments.

- Individual therapy programs targeting identified deficits including articulation therapy, literacy and phonic based therapy, pragmatic (social skills) therapy and expressive and/or receptive language therapy.
- Provision of home and school therapy programs.
- Provision of education to families and caregivers, teachers and facilities.


I provide assessment and intervention for stroke and other neurological disorders (eg MND, dementia, Parkinsons Disease) which may be the cause for:

Swallowing Disorders (Oral or Pharyngeal Dysphagia) - including mealtime behavioural issues, difficulty chewing, moving food around the mouth, swallowing, gagging, choking or coughing when swallowing.

Communication Disorders - including receptive and expressive language (aphasia), difficulty getting the message from the brain to the mouth (apraxia) and reduced intelligibility of speech (dysarthria).

Assessment is provided through:
- Information from GP's, specialists, care providers and family/carers
- Completion of questionnaire prior to initial consultation
- Formal and informal assessments such as Western Aphasia Battery and Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment.
- Oral Motor Assessments, Mealtime assessments, Swallowing assessments and Video Fluoroscopic Swallowing Studies (VFSS).

Intervention is provided through:
- Diet Modification
- Compensatory strategies
- Therapy exercises
- Providing Education to individuals, families, care givers, and/ or groups